All identifying information in these testimonials has been removed to ensure ongoing confidentiality

“I feel [my child] has developed and progressed so well since starting the Play Therapy sessions. He is more in tune with his feelings and is now able to express his emotions (as well as understanding others emotions better as well). At home he has become less aggressive, which has helped the family as a whole. I would recommend Play Therapy sessions with Leona as I have seen for myself how much it can help your child and the whole family.”
– Parent whose child had Play and Creative Arts Therapy

“The sessions have been a real outlet for my child to come in, speak to Leona and get everything off his chest. Since starting the sessions he’s able to play much better with others. He also now knows how to deal with stress better and can talk about his problems more. It takes a while, but he’s getting better and is a lot less violent now.”
– Parent whose child had Play and Creative Arts Therapy

“I think it’s amazing. My daughter has come out of herself in leaps and bounds! Her confidence has flourished and she’s now able to stand up for herself. She doesn’t bottle things up inside her any longer and copes with difficulties much better. Thank you so much Leona for everything you’ve done. You put your heart and soul into your work with my daughter as I’m sure you do with everyone you work with.”
– Parent whose child had Play and Creative Arts Therapy

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